This institute is an evangelical, international, multi-ethnical institution. The faculty of Theology and Religious education prepares students spiritually, academically, physically, and on social development. For doctrine unification, and preparation of leaders, missionaries, ministers, evangelists, teachers, counselors, canvassers etc.

Based on biblical education, the science of God, divinity, character and attributes of God. God's laws, government, the doctrines we are to believe, the duties we are to practice, research, and practical skills. To accomplish the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming the final warning- three angel’s messages (Rev 14:6-13) empowered by the other Angel of (Rev 18) to the world.


To prepare evangelists, leaders, mission workers and church members in general, effectively in teaching, preaching, leadership and professionalism. In line with our faith as reformers and God’s will.


To train students for the service of saving souls and enlightening the world with the present truth. Equip students with the skills for gospel ministry within the context of the IMS-Seventh-day Adventist Church reform. We are living in the most degenerated age. Gross darkness of corruption and wickedness has blinded mankind.

The world is in great need of persons who are well trained and instructed who are well acquainted with the gospel of the present truth. People who under the power of the Holy Ghost can open the eyes of people and give to the world a pure truth according to the Holy Scriptures.

Therefore, this institute is determined to address this need in a most simple and digested approach. As manifested in our curriculum. The spiritual, intellectual, social, economic, and ethnical aspects of the community.



The department is aimed at preparing business managers and trade officers responsible for overseeing and supervising government and private owned enterprises and various trade/business undertaking in the country and globe at large.



Our entrepreneurship department fosters the entrepreneurship spirit that leads to a participation and creation of companies and business. The department also offers a competitive edge you seek to start a new venture or innovate within an existing company.



The department is delegated to prepare students with the basic theoretical and practical computer skills and its applications, skills that will help them solve various IT related problems while at the campus, workplaces and in the future life.

Moreover,the department is committed to providing technical support to both staff and students thus increasing efficiency and accuracy in their daily tasks through experiencing the utilization of well-maintained technological devices.